The Ghana High Commission in Windhoek wishes to inform the public that it has resumed issuance of visas to the general public following the opening of Kotoka International Airport, Ghana on 1st September, 2020.

The public is therefore advised to observe all Covid-19 protocols including Social Distancing, Enhanced Hygiene, and Sanitizing as well as Mandatory Wearing of Face Masks when they visit the premises.


All Passengers travelling to Ghana:

  • Should ensure possession of a negative Covid-19 PCR Test Results from the country of origin, 72 hours before the scheduled arrival;
  • Would be required to undergo mandatory Covid-19 test at the Airport at a fee of US$ 150.00;
  • Test results will be available in 30 minutes

Passengers with negative results will be allowed to enter Ghana, whilst those with positive results will be taken care by the Ghanaian Health Authorities.


Ghana Diaspora Community Survey
In line with Government policy towards engaging the diaspora for national development, a Diaspora Affairs Bureau (DAB) has been created as one of the major Bureaux of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration. The DAB is responsible for the national diaspora engagement and migration matters within the Ministry and shall function together with all Ghana Missions abroad to:

  • Work to establish a comprehensive database of Ghanaians abroad which would be updated regularly
  • Encourage the active involvement of the Ghanaian Diaspora in socio-economic activities of the country
  • Identify Ghanaian professionals in the Diaspora in order to tap their expertise for national development
  • Conduct research to inform policy on effective participation of the Ghanaian Diaspora in national development
  • Disseminate accurate and timely information on government programmes and policies to the Ghanaian Communities abroad through the Bureau’s website and other social media platforms
  • Mobilise Ghanaian Communities abroad to build and sustain a good country image
  • Implement through the Diaspora Affairs Section of Ghana’s Missions Abroad, a robust engagement with the Diaspora Community, in accordance, with annual strategic work plans
  • Initiate policies needed to harness the potentials of the Ghanaian Diaspora networks and organisations
  • Handle all international migration and development subjects and representations within the remit of the Ministry such as the Global Forum on Migration and Development (GFMD), the Global Migration Group (GMG) and the United Nations High Level Dialogue on Migration and Development.

It is in this vain that the High Commission of the Republic of Ghana in Namibia, also concurrently accredited to Botswana, mandated by the Diaspora Affairs Bureau, is conducting a survey of Ghanaians resident in Namibia and Botswana to learn more about them and the development issues they care about. In this survey, we want to learn about:

  • Demographic characteristics
  • How you get information about employment and business opportunities in your country of origin
  • Issues(or problems) in Ghana you care about and how you access/get information about these issues
  • Your relationship with Ghana, your level of engagement as well as actions you have taken so far:
  • Whether you are a member of any Diaspora Community Organisation(s)/ or group
  • Your relations with the Ghana Mission in your current country of residence
  • What sort of assistance you need from the Government of Ghana to enable you become more involved in socio-economic developments back home.

Please take few minutes to complete the Diaspora Community Survey Form.

We wish to assure you that the information you provide in this survey will be treated with utmost confidentiality and will be used for only statistical purposes.

Let us stand together and develop mother Ghana!!!